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I have had the pleasure of calling Yonkers home for the past 10 years, some of the best years of my life. Years that saw new and old friends come and go. Friends that either way, will forever have a place in my heart. It is the place that I spent the best and worst of my 20’s and than one that ushered in my 30’s. I found my wife here (well sort of) and conceived my son.  I can’t wait to show him the place along the waterfront where I proposed to his mom. After four different addresses, finding my second family, and starting one of my own it’s time to call another city home.

To everyone who has helped make so many memories here and those who helped us turn our condo (and kitchen) into our home, thank you so much!  We are looking forward to having you all over to our new place!

ps. If you are looking for an amazing Realtor please let me know.  I have her to thank for the amazing photos and for putting up with us while we looked for the perfect place!



photo 1

There are a few apps developed by Morpholio that are becoming an increasing part of my professional life.  If you are in any kind of creative profession their apps are definitely worth checking out… especially Trace, which lets you sketch over drawings and photos on multiple layers just like… well trace paper.

Morpholio is currently hosting a photo contest through their Morpholio app called EyeTime.

EyeTime 2013 invites students and young professionals or enthusiasts to submit a collection of their photography comprised of up to three digital images. By submitting your work, we invite you to share your voice with the collective intelligence of a community of visual thinkers. The competition is free to all entrants.

In addition to being a great platform for sharing and critiquing creative work, the app features a section called PinUp which can measure the amount of time and ways images are viewed posted in the forum.  This data can not only used to judge this competition it also offers creatives a way to gauge the impact of their work.

The images in this post are the ones that I submitted for fun, I am by no means a professional photographer… unless you consider the iPhone professional equipment.  If you are interested in checking out the other competition entries or giving my images some EyeTime you can search EyeTime2013:ET in PinUp!

photo 2 photo 3




iPhone 5 parallax wallpaper for Halloween!  Installation instructions here!




For the last two years I have had some fun making our Christmas cards.  You can see a post about the card we sent in 2011 here.  Last year I designed the card above which was trying to make (what I thought was) a not so subtle nod to the Presidential election.

Earlier this month someone from Louisiana purchased 170 of these!  In addition to being honored and slightly worried that I was contributing to Christmas Creep I was also struck by the thought of 170 people getting something in the mail I designed this year.

That got me thinking about what I do for a living, not about the goofy things I post here, but the fact that I get to do this thousands of times a day, even millions of times a year (Macy’s Fun Facts… yes they call them fun facts too).  I love what I do for a lot of reasons, but reason number one, when I stop to think about it, will always be the small role I get to play in other people’s lives.

So thank you, Jennifer from Baton Rouge, for reminding me! I hope your family and friends enjoy the cards!




In honor of what will hopefully be the reopening of our federal government tomorrow you can purchase these here!




Archtober is a month long celebration of Architecture and Design in NYC put on by the New York chapter of the AIA and The Center for Architecture.  Stella34 Trattoria, designed by my firm, was selected to be a part of this year’s events and I had the opportunity to host!

The tour was sold out!  In attendance was a mixture of people and professions, including contractors, engineers, architects, students and architectural enthusiasts alike!  Yes they exist.  Anyone who knows me knows that presenting is not my strong suit and I must admit I was a bit nervous at the start.  However, having ‘presented’ the restaurant to family and friends a few dozen times and being armed with a ton of Ted Mosby-esque Architectural Fun Facts, the tour went great.  I had a great time showing our work off and really hope I have the opportunity to do it again.

If you want to read an account of the tour by an actual blogger, check out Day 2 on the official Archtober blog here or to attend another one of the Archtober events, check out their calendar here.

A huge thanks to the Archtober staff for inviting us to participate!




Long time no post.  I thought I would make a brief but glorious return to share a fun iPhone wallpaper I made that takes advantage of Apples new iOS 7 colors and parallax effect.

Instructions are simple:

– If you are viewing this post on your iPhone, long tap on the image below and then hit Save Image
– To set the image as your wallpaper, go to Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness > Choose Wallpaper
– Under photos select Camera Roll and select the image you just saved
– When the Move and Scale window opens, use a pinching gesture to align the gray of the image with your screen
– Hit Set and then Set Home Screen
– Enjoy, watch out for motion sickness and let me know what you think!




I have a serious love for the panorama feature on my iPhone 5.  Here are a few of my favorites from our recent travels:

Panorama_01 Panorama_03 Panorama_04 Panorama_02 Panorama_05

Can you name where all 5 were taken from?





New Yorker’s don’t look up.

Tourists look up, the crazy people who wander the streets talking to themselves look up, architects look up (okay the last two could be one in the same). But by and large, your street-hardened average New Yorker doesn’t ever look up, probably for fear of being confused for one of the people mentioned above.

I have been trying to figure out why I love this sculpture by Leo Vilareal. It’s a tribute to Buckminster Fullers geodesic dome, currently occupying the south-east corner of Madison Square Park. You know right between the architectural masterpiece that is the Flatiron Building and… The Shake Shack.

It could be the LED lights that chase each other around the welded white steel frame. I loves me some blinky lights. Or maybe it’s the juxtaposition of the two perfect forms, one suspended inside the other. But after two months of thinking about it… It’s the seating.

The seating is not only almost ergonomically perfect, it puts you in the perfect position to appreciate the sculpture against the skyline of New York. Lifting your eyes above the Shake Shack (I have nothing against the Shake Shack other them that the lines are always too damn long)… It forces you to look up. You read the sculpted against the sky and masterpieces around it.

So my friends, join the tourist, the crazies, the architects, and take a minute every once in a while to look up. There is a lot to be appreciated up there! ps. The sculpture is only up for a few more weeks so go check it out!

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