As I attach my name to yet another networking site today, it raises some questions I have about ‘online presence’.
After a crazy storm here this weekend my wife and I found ourselves embattled in the ‘tree’ debate.  My argument: ‘of course it makes a sound’, hers: ‘but how do you know?’  She won, but relative to this conversation, if a blog is written and there is no one around to read it, does it make a sound? Depending how you look at it, fortunately or unfortunately, I think the answer is still yes. To my wife’s point and unlike the tree, the Internet retains that sound despite time or proximity. My question is, how has eliminating those two variables affected how we communicate?
There are millions and millions of words, pictures and ‘sounds’ that get shared everyday. They connect us to and with, not necessarily each other, but with a timeless record of thoughts and events; a palimpsest of communication that is limited only by our ability or desire to filter it. How has going from sharing our thoughts in private journals and conversations to yelling them in public changed our society? How does our timeless online presence define are physical present?  How do you manage the loss of privacy with the desire to be heard? Most pertinently, how can balancing that desire inform design? 

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