In my first post I asked: how has eliminating time and proximity affected how we communicate?  I think one way is a fluidity to which we both express and explore new ideas. Similar to how you could start a web search for ‘thread’ and some how end up at ‘flowers’, information doesn’t have to flow along a hierarchical path or relate in time or scale in order to form a thread.

I’ve noticed this is also similar to the way I dream.  My mind takes random bits of information, rearranges them and fills in the pieces to create a new story.  I believe that my brain is exercising or playing while I’m asleep. This form of discovery is closer to the way we actually process information constantly comparing new ideas with historical data.

The graphic above is an attempt to capture a simple fluid thread. I think there is the potential to look at this model as a new way of intuitively organizing space.  Going beyond concepts of open plan, a fluid space allows common functions to overlap.


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