A friend of a family member (who shall remain nameless) asked me to help with a T-shirt design idea.  The concept included the phrase ‘The Magic of an Ordinary Day’ and a cartoon wizard.  In the end I think I drew 20 different wizards… short wizards, tall wizards, old, young, fat, skinny, you name it, I drew it and they didn’t like any of them.  So instead of throwing my hands up in the air (okay after throwing my hands up in the air) I nixed the wizard.  Who, over the age of 12, wants to wear a T-shirt with a wizard on it anyway?  So I threw together 3 new schemes without the wizard.

I was (thankfully) ‘fired’ from a project that I wasn’t get paid to do to begin with.  But I did learned two very important things: 1. Clients don’t like when you change their program 2. I will never take on a project that involves a cartoon wizard again.


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  1. :RE:MAKE « Says:

    […] After all that is what the design process really is, continually evaluating and improving on ‘failed’ iterations until the work more accurately communicates the concept. Until you run out of time, that is. The most successful projects I have been a part of have been the result of embracing feedback and collaboration on those initial brainstorms instead of being too attached to my individual expression (except for maybe the wizard shirt). […]

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