Putting aside the ethical debate over crowd sourcing (we call it free labor ‘competitions’ in the architecture community) crowdspring is  my favorite place to indulge my need for a graphics fix.  The site connects everyone from startups looking for new company collateral to multi-billion dollar corporations looking for some basically free design input (ps. that’s not me taking sides) with graphic hobbyist such as myself.

The awards are small and I don’t enter with the expectation of winning… but the challenge is my nerdy version of fun.  Most of the projects are serious in nature but the silliness of this one was irresistible: “Art Stephen Up Challenge.” Basically the project calls for photoshoping the official Colbert Report portrait.  I love Colbert and photoshop… Perfect!  For this post I thought I would let you in on my mysterious complex intellectual awesome design process.

Okay let’s get started… he needs a big head… definitely a big head.  He has one of the biggest fake egos on TV so the head is perfect.  And how about a Hitler-esq mustache made out of his signature phrase “truthiness”… yep that will do.

That’s a good start but that’s not quite awesome enough yet.  Forget the lapel pin, a true patriot has a flag hanging over his fireplace and in every other room of the house (yes the bathroom too).  Instead I will give him a ‘bear’ metal of honor.  After all bears are the number 1 threat and as the leader of the Colbert Nation he must have them concurred conquered (thanks Sorella).  Yep that is much more awesomer!

Maybe I should read the competition brief again, open to ‘Anyone who loves bald eagles and freedom’  Time to go for the kill… bald eagle check, poster from rally on the Nation Mall (which was much greater than the credit the media gave it… I guess that’s what happens when the point of your rally is to bash the media).  Freedom… check.  Forget the bear pin… he needs a whole head and a star-spangled-tie the way our forefathers intended.  For the final touch I going to surround him with all of his accolades… take that Barry Manilow.  I think I got this one in the bag.  Awesome.


2 Responses to “:CROWD SOURCED”

  1. Sorella Says:

    I’m feeling much more enlightened about your process – thanks… although, I don’t quite understand why he has to get the bears to agree (concur) with him.

  2. mbevivino Says:

    Thanks Sorella… my next post will be dedicated to you…

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