I am trying to sell my beloved Scion tC.  I got all photography-ie, parked my car by the Hudson, took a few hundred pictures and posted the best ones on Ebay and Craigslist for sale.  I didn’t realize how much fun, yep I’m going to go with fun, it would be emailing back-and-forth with perspective buyers all over the country.

I have had people ask me all sorts of strange and funny questions about the car.  I had someone ask me if the photos were taken by a professional (which I loved).  I might leave it up for sale just for the emails.  This particular interaction I couldn’t resist sharing:

Buyer: do you have anyone else interested in the car at the moment? just so i know how fast i would need to move on it if we were to decide to buy it. also was the car ever smoked in, and does the car itself smoke at all? Thanks again, sorry for all these questions.

Me: I have had a lot of passing interest and have a couple people who are seriously interested.  The car was never smoked in and it doesn’t smoke.  It does have a bullet in the rear bumper.  No joke, although it’s more like a lead slug.  I’m not sure when exactly I/it got shot.  I went to pull it out, then decided to leave it in as a badge of honor.  It comes with the car.

I might not be the best salesman but I am enjoying the banter.  Anyone want to buy a getaway car?


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