I started working on what I originally imagined as a graphic for a recycling campaign. I thought the phrase ‘You are here’ had the power to confront a consumer with their location and responsibility within the cycle of… well… recycling. However the more I illustrated that idea, the less clarity I found the phrase had.

The problem was that I wasn’t looking at it in context. The second I put the logo on a shirt I realized that the ‘fill in the blank’ aspect of it was better left unfilled. Romantic, ironic, lewd, by leaving it ‘blank’ it can take on different meanings depending on its location.

Similar to the way street art challenges the environment it’s placed in (ps. If you haven’t seen Banksy’s Exit Through The Gift Shop it’s well worth the watch), this brand challenges the viewer to decided: where are they?

Next up: a store concept and marketing materials for a brand that challenges identity instead of defining it.  Where are you?


2 Responses to “:YOU ARE HERE”

  1. Stacia Says:

    I’m here… waiting for your next post! Nice teaser

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