I love watches…. okay I really love watches. The photo above represents about half of the watches I own (about a sixteenth of what I wish I owned). Silly for several reasons, not limited to the fact that I only have one wrist (technically two), I struggle to tell time when it’s not digital and that for the most part, my day is not measured in minutes and seconds. However, I love them because they are like the folly of an outfit… primarily for ornamentation but with the ironic suggestion of purpose.

There are two things that fall at this time of year that always force me to think about the passages and relevance of keeping time. The first being my birthday, the second, daylight savings time (the third is March Madness but that’s not entirely relevant to this post). Having to re-set 20 plus watches gives me plenty of time to think about all of them. While birthdays force you to acknowledge the passage of time, daylight savings time reminds you that time is relative.

One of my favorite sayings that applies to both of those thoughts is ‘you’re only as old as you feel!’  What if instead of sharing your age by how long you have been alive… you only ever described your age by how you feel? Your age could change based on things like the intellectual activities you participate in, how much exercise you get and how much sleep you got the night before.

I would say while roaming the streets of NYC celebrating my birthday last night I was 21… however today I am 51.  How old are you today?


2 Responses to “:TIME”

  1. jb Says:

    I think it is funny that all your watches have a different time on them…and not just the hour…maybe you are really telling time based on how you feel…

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