I have been looking for a way to slip a reference to Robert Venturi’s Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture into a post and yes I’m using the Super Moon to do it.

One of the most interesting thoughts presented in the book to me is that, ‘familiar things seen in an unfamiliar context become perceptually new as well as old.’ Using the Super Moon as an example, something that is seen everyday is exciting when seen in a new way.  Exciting enough to use as an example and for me to pull out my tripod and take a picture of anyway.

I think that that strategy is not only still relevant to architecture but brand building as well. To ‘use convention unconventionally’ is to give consumers a dual sense of newness and familiarity. Those emotions facilitate excitement and confidence when making purchasing decisions.

The images below are part of a draft graphics package for a friends scrap-booking company. The idea is to link familiar items like the folded earmark of a sheet of  paper and the blade of an X-Acto knife with the identity of the company.  The ‘triangle’ is both new and familiar, and through repetition, identifiable with the company’s brand.


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