Number 2 of … well 2 of until this stops being entertaining.


7 Responses to “:CROSS COUNTY POSTER”

  1. RyanO Says:

    Sweet. This is a great idea for me to use in my Graphic Design class. Poster for the town of Oneida. I’m stealing it!

  2. Stacia Says:

    I like this series, too.
    Is that where you took me shopping?

  3. Sorella Says:

    Where is this ‘Yonkers’? Is that the place in upstate NYC? It looks like a nice little upstate town based on your posters. 😉

    • mbevivino Says:

      It’s a mystical place filled unicorns, fairies and bodega’s. Okay maybe only two of those are true. That gives me an idea for a third poster…

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