Above is my failed first draft for Interstate’s Custom Millwork catalog. All you millwork fans out there will have to wait to see the final version but it’s a good segue into this topic:

I recently noticed that I find more joy in posting my rejected designs then the approved ones.

I think it has something to do with the excitement I associate with starting a new project. The part where the possibilities are endless, the budget is limitless and the hours are, well hour-less. It’s the point in the project where you lie awake at night brainstorming ideas instead of lying awake wondering if/ when/ how they will ever get done.

It also has to do with being able to appreciate the failure of those initial designs too.  I just watched a great TED talk given by Kathryn Schulz: On being wrong.  From her stand point there is danger in always believing you are right instead of embracing that you might be wrong.  Understanding where an idea fails is more important than campaigning for why it should be seen as right (to use her example, The Iraq War).

After all that is what the design process really is, continually evaluating and improving on ‘failed’ iterations until the work more accurately communicates the concept. Until you run out of time, that is. The most successful projects I have been a part of have been the result of embracing feedback and collaboration on those initial brainstorms instead of being too attached to my individual expression (except for maybe the wizard shirt).

And that brings me to this blog.  I am not a graphic designer, I just play one on the web.  I welcome the feedback, positive and negative, on the things I post in hopes that the wide network of talented people I know might help me be a better designer.  So thanks for the feedback!


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