I’m writing wrote this post from 30,000 ft. I love flying. Okay maybe not the airport security friskings, flight delays, recycled air and people who insist on flying with their dogs (seriously lady, your dog has barked all the way from New York to Chicago)… But its the ability to peak above the clouds, see entire counties in one glance and taking off and landing over some of the worlds biggest cities that has me pressing my face to a 8×10 piece plastic every time I fly.

But it’s not just the spectacular views that I love it’s the rapid change of perspective. Watching the earth come into and out of focus is my own Charles and Ray Eames Powers of 10 movie. Here are some of the few hundred photos I have taken, if you have some of your own, please share!

2 Responses to “:WINDOW SEAT”

  1. Jillian Says:

    Nice photos! I love the photos of the pattern of the terrain, especially the winding river juxtaposed with the large green circle.
    I’m surprised the graphic designer/iconic marketer in you didn’t comment at all on the colors/design of the engine. It’s pretty clear branding when I can tell it’s Southwest just by that shot.
    PS – did you ever see this video? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yvd3wMy0WZU
    It doesn’t have as many interesting photos of the terrain, but the northern lights are always cool.

    • mbevivino Says:

      Thanks and thanks for sharing the video! How do you think they got around the ‘all electronics must now be turned off’ rule? You know, I thought about writing about the Southwest ‘red’. I usually fly JetBlue and was really blown away by the contrast and brand power of the red accents against the blue sky. I think it was my bad flying experience (over and hour on the DEN tarmac with no air in 100 degree weather) that lead to my decision not to praise them! ps. Thanks for subscribing.. you rock!

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