I had the opportunity to do another project for my favorite local coffee shop Eco Java Cafe. Having sung the praises of qr codes since before the marketing world (well the US anyway) caught on, I couldn’t resist using another one on Eco’s business card.

This time I made sure to follow Terence Eden’s 8 Commandments. In particular, number 2. that decrees that you should use the ‘minimum amount of data necessary’ and 6. that reminds us to ‘generate statistics’. Also, from the advice of one of my favorite fellow bloggers (like we are even remotely in the same league) Bob Borson’s post The Greatness of QR Codes, I used Google’s URL Shortener to accomplish both! I even used the facebook ‘f’ on a coffee mug to identify the call to action… commandment 7. What do you think?


2 Responses to “:CARDS”

  1. Philippe Says:

    Love the card – nice design, simple, clean and elegant all at once. And modern because of the QR Code and the very cool facebook “f” in the coffee mug.

    What I think is really cool with QR Codes is the next wave of QR Codes – they are going to have much more “design” to them. They incorporate logos or other creations – some even go or continue beyond the actual box. Apparently they can still work with more explicit/artistic designs. Should be cool to see what happens and how creative people can get with them…

    • mbevivino Says:

      Thanks for the props! It is great that more people are starting to know what they are and you don’t have to accompany them with ‘scan with reader app’ anymore. I can’t get enough of them! I used one at Best Buy to get the measurements of a TV, one at Home Depot to learn more about a plant before I bought it… so many great uses. I debated between using the code as a vCard or a link to facebook. It would be cool to be able to embed the facebook ‘f’ right in the code. ps. Congrats on the new job! When are we going out to celebrate?!

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