This photo of my wife and I at Yankee Stadium was taken by my incredibly talented cousin Taylor Miller.  I would like to take credit for his success, but short of driving him to Syracuse for his first taste of Newhouse, the most I can claim is my admiration of his work.


9 Responses to “:PROUD”

  1. Stacia Says:


  2. I have never visited this site before…Mike…I’m so proud that your spelling is so amazing! I’ll be sure to read more. This is great! Taylor took that picture?! It is perfect! How far time has come since you were painting murals on his bedroom walls! Congrats!

    • mbevivino Says:

      I got excited when I started reading your sentence… then I realized you were only complimenting my spelling. I can’t take all the credit, utilizing spell check has done wonders for my life. Taylor did take that picture. It’s hard to believe that the same little kid that I painted Rugrats characters on his walls for, just finished up an internship in NYC for Harper’s Bazaar. If you haven’t, you should click the link to his site. His work is amazing! ps. thanks for checking my spelling out my site!

      • Way to make me feel terrible! 😉 i LOVE THE SITE…I’ll be a frequent reader…I even get email notifications. Is there a fan club that I can join? I’ll speak to Stac about it. Does she know this is only one step away from FB?

      • mbevivino Says:

        I don’t think there is an official fan club… yet. There should be, I’ll design t-shirts. Don’t tell her or she might stop commenting!

  3. Stacia Says:

    FB?! What? I’m still waiting for the FB Green Man! (I won’t join until I can use him as my identifier)

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