I have been working with Cufflinks Inc to help launch my new mulu line, now I need your help.

Their art department provided me with the 3 shape options above: silhouette, round and square. My initial thought was to use the silhouette of the logo, but their concern is that the point of the tear will get caught on things.

Also, now that I see it, I’m also wondering if it would be better as one color and silver… blue tear, silver heart or silver tear, red heart.  What do you guys think about the shape and colors?


9 Responses to “:VOTE”

  1. Sorella Says:

    I vote for circle beause i think it enhanes the curves, although square is sort of growing on me.
    Is it pissible to do the background silver, and the two halves a different level of brushed silver. So one is a light and one is a dark silver? Or, can you use plated steel so its a greytone logo rather than colored?
    I also want to buy pair, so let me know when they’re ready to go!

    • mbevivino Says:

      Thank you so much for the feedback! You sent me down a road with the all silver that looks great… keep an eye out for a email.

  2. Stacia Says:

    I like the circle shape, too. At first I agreed with you about the silhouette. But Cufflinks makes a valid point.
    As for colors… could you offer it in both blue tear/silver heart and silver tear/red heart so that people could choose based on which of their sentiments they feel more strongly?
    I also like Sorella’s ideas with various levels of brushed silver or plated steel, etc…

  3. Mrs. Moore Says:

    blue tear, red heart, circle.

    But if you go with one color. I pick red. Red pops more, the blue and silver are too close, I think.

    Can we still be friends when you are a millionaire?

  4. Jeanne Says:

    I think I am a late entry ;-)….I like everything about the logo…circle around it is nice….I read that you are doing all silver…that is nice…very modern…I must admit the young at heart in me (maybe because I work with little ones all day) likes color…pops out (I like the blue tear and red heart). I don’t know much about cuff links…but I could see it on mugs/t-shirts/water bottles/shot glasses/lunch boxes for kids at school….napkins to put in your kid’s lunch…..just my 2 cents…maybe 2 1/2 cents. Good luck…can we say we knew you when?

    • mbevivino Says:

      I never thought about it as a message from parent to child… the napkins are a great idea! I think I am going to use different colors on different things. I just ordered a pair of cufflinks… I can’t wait to see my first prototype! Thanks for the support… I promise to remember all the little people that help get me there.

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