Another poster for my favorite local coffee shop, Eco Java Cafe

I really struggled with this one. I couldn’t seem to find the balance between ‘eye catching’ and ‘easy to read.’ I made things bigger, smaller, brighter, softer, introduced more things and then took them back out again. Everything item seemed to compete for attention and yet still wasn’t attention grabbing. It wasn’t until I took a step back that I realized that the real culprit was the combination of fonts I had chosen.

A quick Google search later (seriously, what did we do before Google?) I found a great article written by Hoefler & Frere-Jones, Four Techniques for Combing Fonts. The article describes how to identify similar qualities in fonts that will allow them work together.

I ended up choosing two fonts from great resource the Lost Type Co-op, Homestead & Wisdom Script. I think this combination is successful because both fonts, while very different, share the same whimsical spirit. Or as H&FJ describes it, share ‘complimentary moods.’ Once the fonts stopped competing, the whole thing started to find its’ harmony.

It hasn’t gone to ‘press’ yet… what do you think?


4 Responses to “:FALL POSTER”

  1. Stacia Says:

    The thing that catches my eye is the cup of coffee beans. I honestly didn’t even read the text until I finished reading what you wrote about the fonts. Sorry… but the mug… it begs to be cupped in my hands, with the lovely scent of coffee drifting up my nose and the warmth of the liquid filling my tummy! :9
    However, upon closer inspection of the fonts you used, I realized that I do like them together. Somewhat retro Suzy Homemaker ad. Can you make the “coffee so good…” line bolder? Perhaps it’s because of the computer screen but it seems to get lost in the leaves.

    • mbevivino Says:

      Very insightful! Sorry that the image is so small… it looks a lot better larger… blame Facebook. I have WordpPress auto post to Facebook every time I publish a new post. All of the sudden my pictures weren’t appearing in those posts. From what I understand, Facebook won’t post photos anymore that have been have been auto resized, like the ones in WordPress. So my choice is small photos in WordPress or grey boxes in Facebook. It’s a lose, lose.

  2. Stacia Says:

    Unless you meant it to get lost in the leaves because you’re “falling in love with” it?
    Sorry, just caught that… Jumped the gun on the post comment button.

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