Hey make fans, long time no blog, I know. I’ll pause so you can collect your emotions. The good news is that while I have been away, I have been working on a few projects that I am looking forward to sharing. Most of which surround my soon-to-be-officially-launched mulu brand, but today I thought I would share a fun project that occupied my morning.

I named this blog ‘make’ because, for better or worse, I really enjoy the process of making things. For as much as I love being an architect (my day job which I should probably stick to) I don’t often get to physically make the things that I design. I tried in my kitchen to get my hands dirty, but ended up holding things for my brother, who actually knew what he was doing. There are a few graphics projects where I really got involved in the printing process, but mostly, I sit in front of a computer and leave it up to someone else to make it happen.

So armed with a pair of old jeans, my junior high home ec. level of sewing skills and my signature color orange paint, I made myself a wallet. I am not sure how well it’s going to hold up, but I’m pretty proud of myself it. What do you think?

jean wallet open

jean wallet side


5 Responses to “:JEAN WALLET”

  1. Stacia Says:

    I’m so excited for a new post!
    Cool wallet… will it hold a George-sized amount of crap?
    Also, I think it’s funny/fitting that an American Eagle Outfitters card is sticking out of the front.

    • mbevivino Says:

      I’m not sure any wallet should be made to hold that much stuff! I thought about which card to use… the AE card looked the best. For as great as the color orange is, unfortunately, lots of other colors clash with it!

  2. Stacia Says:

    Yes, but there is a strick, no-use policy when being photographed. It’s just trying to get some face-time.

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