I had some fun designing our Christmas Cards this year. Let me start by saying apologizing that If you didn’t get one, it’s because of one of these reasons:

1. I don’t know you… what are you doing here anyway?
2. I don’t know you well enough to have your address
3. The post office doesn’t know you and your card came back (true story)
4. I spent 4 times the amount my wife usually spends and you didn’t make the cut.

If you did get one, congrats! You are in possession of one of my favorite graphic accomplishments of 2011 (aside from mulu of course). For anyone interested, I thought I would give you a peek behind the curtain.

– I started in AutoCAD, for no reason other than that I can draw better am more comfortable in the program I use everyday. I know the elf looks a little creepy in AutoCAD form.

– Next, I imported the line drawing into Illustrator.  With the help of this Create Grainy Textures tutorial, I gave the snow,sky and north pole some texture.

– I colored the elf with a few gradient fills, skinnied him up, after all Santa is supposed to be the cubby one.

– Finally I finished it up a few fonts from my favorite free site Font Park and the trusty copy/past commands for  more elves.

– Post to Zazzle for sale and done!

To everyone to has stopped by my site this year… thank you and
May all your holiday wishes come true!


6 Responses to “:OCCUPY NORTH POLE”

  1. Stacia Says:

    I didn’t realize you had designed that card! I thought it was so funny!
    So glad I made the cut 🙂
    Love your blog-
    Happy Holidays!

  2. What a cool idea for a card! I love it!

  3. :MUNCH « Says:

    […] my surprise Because of my awesome design skillz I actually sold a handful of the Christmas cards I posted on Zazzle this year.  Due to their success I just posted a Valentine’s Day card in […]

  4. […] fun making my wife and I’s  Christmas cards.  You can see a post about the card we sent in 2011 here.  Last year I designed the card above which was trying to make (what I thought was) a not so […]

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