Have you ever wondered how much email you send/ receive in a given year? How about how often your emails get responses? Or who are the majority of those emails going to and coming from? Well, I came across a site while trolling one of my favorite blogs Lifehacker, called ToutApp, that can tell you just that.

ToutApp will scan your gmail account (sorry hotmail… ‘The official email of foreigners and poor people’) and compile a beautiful infographic describing things like what time of day and who you email the most.

It’s completely free, promises to retain your privacy (although I will be changing my password now that I have gotten my report) and insightful on a years worth of emailing habits.  I have posted a few screen grabs from my report, can you top the total number of email I dealt with this year at 5,349?


One Response to “:TOUT”

  1. Mrs. Moore Says:

    What about people with aol e-mail accounts?! Ha! Jokes!

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