FREE! FREE! FREE!  Thought that might get some attention (marketing 101)…

It’s no secret that I spend a lot an insane amount of time on my iphone. I also spend a lot an insane amount of time on my mulu ‘miss you, love you’ product line. This iphone wallpaper is the overlap of both! If you are lucky enough to own this time sucking device (and somehow don’t already know how to do this) here is a set of directions to set this amazing (marketing 102) mulu field as your wallpaper:

‘Click’ into the image below to get the full scale version (it should be the only thing on the screen). Then press and hold the image until the option appears to (save image). Next, navigate to (Settings) then (Wallpaper) and click one of the images on the screen. Choose (Camera Roll) and then the saved image. There is no need to Move or Scale, just hit (Set).

Select (Set Lock Screen) to be greeted by a field of logos every time you open up your phone. Or, select (Set Home Screen) to have the logo hidden and revealed as you swipe through screens or move in and out of folders. Even better (Set Both)!

If you set it as your wallpaper take a screen grab (press and hold the home & sleep button at the same time) and email it to me at info@muluproducts.com. I promise not to judge your apps.  Oh and be prepared for an onslaught of mulu posts leading up to Valentines Day. Enjoy!


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