I am generally pretty skeptical of photo filter apps like Instagram. I equate them to the clip art that made everyone a ‘graphic designer’ in the 90’s. That is, until I read this great post on one of my favorite architecture-nerd blogs: www.lifeofanarchitect.com written by one of my favorite architecture nerds, Bob Borson. ps. I don’t know Bob personally, but after a few years of reading his blog, I know he would wear that title proudly.

Anyway, inspired by his post, I ran a job site photo that I took yesterday through the Camera+ app on my phone just as he did.  I must admit, I’m pretty happy with the result.

Before                                           After

Camera: iPhone4
App:  Camera+
Filters: Sunset & Magic Hour

Bob also made a great point that hit at the heart of my distaste for easily manipulated images; that a designer must be able to not only recognize that something looks good but also understand why:

‘This ability is what makes you a professional in my opinion because this level of knowledge means you can duplicate your successes without having to recreate them.’

At some point I hope expand on this idea because its been something I have been thinking about a lot lately: What makes ‘good design’ good?

But for now, what do you think of photo filter apps? Do they make producing more compelling images accessible to more people or allow amateurs to clutter photographical landscape with over manipulated (frequently old-timey looking) images?


3 Responses to “:FILTER”

  1. Sorella Says:

    Technology has ironically made our lives cluttered with more information and more images. But, out of more stuff and more bad ideas, you find more good ideas, more creativity, and more inspiration. The ratio of quality images to bad images is still the same; there are just more of them.

  2. :INTERNS « Says:

    […] « :FILTER […]

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