I just wanted to write a quick follow-up on the :INTERNS post I wrote earlier this summer.

I have to say for as miserable as the search was, we ended up with a great group of kids. Each one eager to learn, full of energy and optimism and with great careers ahead of them. There are a few things that I will take away from this summers group that I thought I would share:

Be social. The interns that I think got the most out of the experience are the ones that engaged the most with the rest of the studio. I know it’s intimidating to walk into an environment where you are so much less experienced but everyone there has been though the same thing at some point. The more you get to know them and they get to know you the more comfortable they will be giving you interesting things to do. And more importantly, likely to remember you for positions down the road.

Learn. Asks lots of questions. This is the one time in your career where no one really expects you to know anything about construction. Ask to tag along to job sites. You will learn more in one site visit than you will learn in an entire semester of Advanced Building Systems. Whatever that is. I was happy to take them along. There is nothing that will make you feel smarter than being able to teach someone something on a job site.

Contribute. There are lots of skills that your shiny expensive education has taught you. Skills that your employer or coworkers may not know about or have forgotten that you can do. I try to learn as much from every intern as I try to teach them. I am appreciative of the ones that can teach me too. Don’t be afraid to show off those skills.

Connect. Before you leave make sure that you have connected with everyone there. That they have your email, that you are LinkedIn, that they know how to find you and you know how to find them. Whether it was a great experience or only okay, the contacts you make are just as valuable as the experience.

Thanks again to Nina, Andrew, Jake and Maxim for making Michael and I look like a good judge of talent and for a great summer. Best of luck and keep in touch!


4 Responses to “: INTERNS FOLLOW UP”

  1. Stacia Says:

    You have adveritsements on your blog now?! Does that mean you’ve stepped up in the world?

  2. Stacia Says:

    er, advertisements (sp)

    • mbevivino Says:

      I don’t see any advertisements?! I don’t think anyone would pay to advertise to you and my mom. Actually I don’t think my mom reads this either. What do you use to visit the site?

      • Stacia Says:

        When I clicked on the email I received as a follower of your post, there was a video. I honestly can’t remember what it was for (sorry!). Now, however, when I just went to your blog directly there was no advertisement.
        I’m sure you have more followers than me and your mom. 🙂 We just have missed seeing more posts…

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