Thanks to hurricane Sandy, I am stuck in Manhattan, my office has no power, my apartment is flooded and there is a good chance that my black Honda Civic is floating down the Hudson. For as bad as that sounds its nothing compared to what other people in the area are experiencing. My thoughts are with them.

Hurricane Sandy also gave me the opportunity to wander around Manhattan with nothing to do or places to be today. I’m sure that has never happened before. There are a coupe of things that struck me as interesting.

– People have no idea what tempered glass is and why taping your windows is ridiculous.


– There are a lot if famous buildings that I have never seen the base of. The Hearst Tower for example, I didn’t know that the signature diagrid framing designed by Foster + Partners grows out of a classical cast stone base that was built during the Great Depression.

– There are a lot of famous people wandering the streets during the day. Maybe they are in the same boat as I am with nothing better to do, but more likely is that unlike regular people with regular jobs they occupy the streets Manhattan at opposite hours then most. Two celebrity sightings. Check.


– Chain restaurants and stores are too big to handle storms. Every Starbucks, McDonalds and DuaneReade in the city are basically closed. But every neighborhood coffee shop, bodega, and souvenir shop in the city is open. I am comforted to know if the world is ever about to end again I can get a cup of coffee and a miniature version of the Statue of Liberty before we go.

– Last but not least I learned that it shouldn’t take a natural disaster to bring people together the way I have seen today. Treating each other civilly, waiting their turn and helping those around them. This is what we should look like as a society all the time.

Best of luck to everyone effected by the storm, especially the people in our building. If anyone ends up with our car in their back yard, give me a call.


4 Responses to “:SANDY”

  1. Aunt Elaine Says:

    You could have always gone over to Taylor’s. they had wine and Bailey’s!! 😉

    Isn’t that Hearst Building beautiful? That’s where Taylor worked last summer and he can see it now when he looks out his window. Along with the dangling crane.

    If your Honda comes floating down our creek next to us, (by way of the Hudson) I’ll let you know. Keep safe!!! ❤

    • mbevivino Says:

      We survived on wine and Cheez-its.
      I need to get out of my office more often!
      Car is in its spot safe and sound… I was hoping for an upgrade

  2. Michael Bevivino Says:

    You should probably design a “we survived Sandy: t-shirt!

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