My wife and I feel very lucky. Having taken the last train out of Yonkers on Sunday, we have been holed up in a few different hotels this week watching the devastation around us.

All of the pictures/ videos in this post were taken by my friend and fellow board member Dan (he is the guy knee-deep in the flood water with the giant muscles).

We are very fortunate that we personally didn’t suffer any damage, as the first floor of our building is completely destroyed. Thanks to the efforts of Dan and a few other guys who help run our building we have also managed to get back on our feet pretty quickly. We walked in and one of our doormen was filling up a bowl with candy surrounded by destroyed floors and walls. It’s hard to believe this is what our lobby looked like a few days ago.

So with half of Manhattan still in the dark and the devastation that parts of Queens and New Jersey are still experiencing we are very grateful that this scene outside of our building didn’t turn into something much worse.

Good news is all that water didn’t take our car into the Hudson as I predicted in my last post.

Thanks to all of our family and friends for all the texts and emails. Our thoughts are with everyone else.


2 Responses to “:SANDY IN YONKERS”

  1. Mrs. Moore Says:

    What a (pleasant( surprise to see blog posts from you!! (It’s been a while)

    I’m glad you guys are okay after Sandy!


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