8 Responses to “:LCHOC LOGO”

  1. Paula urbanke Says:

    I really like the one with the county ..that is very cool.

    • mbevivino Says:

      I was thinking that the logo could be used in different variations (with the counties, without the counties, ect…) depending on the application. Thanks for the feedback!

  2. Tomidy, David Says:


  3. Stacia Says:

    I agree with Paula. And the counties look a little bit like holding hands.

  4. April Says:

    Hmm.. ok you know me- like the font, and the lines to create a cohesive look to show the 2 counties are working side-by-side.

    my suggestions- (the counties pic) on first appearance, without enlarging it thought I was looking at a state like Vermont- until I read the names of the two counties. Unsure how it would look but what if you show at least the county line faintly w the same color you used- blue to distinguish yet also create the “combined” look you trying to achieve? OR perhaps add a distinctive feature on top of it in white umm, like a book to represent literacy or symbol to represent community partnership?

    Also, the stock photo you used with the people placed fanitly in the background- love how they are faded. Think the goal of the coalition is to create 100% literacy in adults through community partnership, correct?
    The models look too attractive perhaps? not the realistic ethnic group maybe?

    all just suggestions I think you’ve done a great job worthy of being submitted as is :0) good luck

    • mbevivino Says:

      I wasn’t sure about using the counties… But they balance the logo so nicely. Maybe it needs to be divided at the county line. I thought the logo could be used with or without them depending on the context.

      I was trying not to be to literal with things like book icons because as you said the program is for 100% literacy not just kids. The two lines framing the text are a subtle nod to the shape of a book. Transforming from upside down to right side up. Jess thinks its too subtle. I decided to go for balance over legibility.

      Spot on about the people… I wanted to show the logo in use but the photo could use some forced diversity, but attractive people sell!

      Thanks (as always) for the amazing feedback!

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