New Yorker’s don’t look up.

Tourists look up, the crazy people who wander the streets talking to themselves look up, architects look up (okay the last two could be one in the same). But by and large, your street-hardened average New Yorker doesn’t ever look up, probably for fear of being confused for one of the people mentioned above.

I have been trying to figure out why I love this sculpture by Leo Vilareal. It’s a tribute to Buckminster Fullers geodesic dome, currently occupying the south-east corner of Madison Square Park. You know right between the architectural masterpiece that is the Flatiron Building and… The Shake Shack.

It could be the LED lights that chase each other around the welded white steel frame. I loves me some blinky lights. Or maybe it’s the juxtaposition of the two perfect forms, one suspended inside the other. But after two months of thinking about it… It’s the seating.

The seating is not only almost ergonomically perfect, it puts you in the perfect position to appreciate the sculpture against the skyline of New York. Lifting your eyes above the Shake Shack (I have nothing against the Shake Shack other them that the lines are always too damn long)… It forces you to look up. You read the sculpted against the sky and masterpieces around it.

So my friends, join the tourist, the crazies, the architects, and take a minute every once in a while to look up. There is a lot to be appreciated up there! ps. The sculpture is only up for a few more weeks so go check it out!


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