Archtober is a month long celebration of Architecture and Design in NYC put on by the New York chapter of the AIA and The Center for Architecture.  Stella34 Trattoria, designed by my firm, was selected to be a part of this year’s events and I had the opportunity to host!

The tour was sold out!  In attendance was a mixture of people and professions, including contractors, engineers, architects, students and architectural enthusiasts alike!  Yes they exist.  Anyone who knows me knows that presenting is not my strong suit and I must admit I was a bit nervous at the start.  However, having ‘presented’ the restaurant to family and friends a few dozen times and being armed with a ton of Ted Mosby-esque Architectural Fun Facts, the tour went great.  I had a great time showing our work off and really hope I have the opportunity to do it again.

If you want to read an account of the tour by an actual blogger, check out Day 2 on the official Archtober blog here or to attend another one of the Archtober events, check out their calendar here.

A huge thanks to the Archtober staff for inviting us to participate!


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