It’s pretty rare that I ever mention my professional work on this goofy personal site, but when your work gets published in a national publication, its hard not to want to share it with the world.

Not only was my firm featured in the publications coveted ‘Studio Visit’, but the project that I have devoted the last year of my life to, the renovation of Macy’s Herald Square was too!

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My wife and I feel very lucky. Having taken the last train out of Yonkers on Sunday, we have been holed up in a few different hotels this week watching the devastation around us.

All of the pictures/ videos in this post were taken by my friend and fellow board member Dan (he is the guy knee-deep in the flood water with the giant muscles).

We are very fortunate that we personally didn’t suffer any damage, as the first floor of our building is completely destroyed. Thanks to the efforts of Dan and a few other guys who help run our building we have also managed to get back on our feet pretty quickly. We walked in and one of our doormen was filling up a bowl with candy surrounded by destroyed floors and walls. It’s hard to believe this is what our lobby looked like a few days ago.

So with half of Manhattan still in the dark and the devastation that parts of Queens and New Jersey are still experiencing we are very grateful that this scene outside of our building didn’t turn into something much worse.

Good news is all that water didn’t take our car into the Hudson as I predicted in my last post.

Thanks to all of our family and friends for all the texts and emails. Our thoughts are with everyone else.




Thanks to hurricane Sandy, I am stuck in Manhattan, my office has no power, my apartment is flooded and there is a good chance that my black Honda Civic is floating down the Hudson. For as bad as that sounds its nothing compared to what other people in the area are experiencing. My thoughts are with them.

Hurricane Sandy also gave me the opportunity to wander around Manhattan with nothing to do or places to be today. I’m sure that has never happened before. There are a coupe of things that struck me as interesting.

– People have no idea what tempered glass is and why taping your windows is ridiculous.


– There are a lot if famous buildings that I have never seen the base of. The Hearst Tower for example, I didn’t know that the signature diagrid framing designed by Foster + Partners grows out of a classical cast stone base that was built during the Great Depression.

– There are a lot of famous people wandering the streets during the day. Maybe they are in the same boat as I am with nothing better to do, but more likely is that unlike regular people with regular jobs they occupy the streets Manhattan at opposite hours then most. Two celebrity sightings. Check.


– Chain restaurants and stores are too big to handle storms. Every Starbucks, McDonalds and DuaneReade in the city are basically closed. But every neighborhood coffee shop, bodega, and souvenir shop in the city is open. I am comforted to know if the world is ever about to end again I can get a cup of coffee and a miniature version of the Statue of Liberty before we go.

– Last but not least I learned that it shouldn’t take a natural disaster to bring people together the way I have seen today. Treating each other civilly, waiting their turn and helping those around them. This is what we should look like as a society all the time.

Best of luck to everyone effected by the storm, especially the people in our building. If anyone ends up with our car in their back yard, give me a call.



Ahead of Sandy I thought I should publish this post I wrote about Irene (sometimes I sit on posts until I think the public is ready for them). I hope everyone on the East coast is hunkered in safe and sound.  Here is some good reading if you still have power and need a break from the news:

A friend of mine writes a great interior design blog called Design Is What You Can Get Away With.  Lindsey pulls together inspirational images and describes not only why elements in those images make a room successful but how they can be applied to your own space.  This post is inspired by her blog.

My inspirational images:


Images via Apartment Therapy

We have been going through the slow process of switching out our Ikea furniture for ‘real furniture’.  However one of the pieces I am not jumping to pitch is our Lack TV table. It’s a knockoff of its high-end brethren I know, but Ikea like it or not, offers an option for those looking for minimalist furniture at an affordable price.ikea lack table hack

Remember hurricane Irene (it’s hard not to this week)?  I wrote a great respectable blog post on how a small design detail made a huge difference during some of the flooding. Well my wife and I experienced some flooding during that hurricane (and probably this one too). You wouldn’t think that living on the 10th floor that you would have to worry about flooding, but a completely trashed floor and some ruined furniture later, I can promise you we did.

The reason I like the Lack table is the proportions of the cabinet, but I have never really liked its legs. I think they are a bit clunky. The flood all but took care of them for me. Blue painters tape made for a suitable ‘temporary’ (10 month) repair, but having just gotten our floors redone (man I hope we don’t have to go through that again), it was time to fix them.

 hairpin leg hack

Not quite ready to upgrade, I found these great hairpin legs from www.hairpinlegs.com. A few hours later, yes I had to take the entire thing apart to get the legs off, I have the perfect mix of sophisticated and affordable. It kind of makes me want to put hairpin legs on everything (I wish I had, six inches of water and we would still be good!) . What do you think of my Ikea hack?

ikea lack table hack

And as a tribute to one of my wife’s favorite movies and the way Lindsey always ends her blog posts:

‘Lieutenant Dan, you got new legs’ -Forest Gump

Stay safe everyone!

:mulu 2.0


Inspired by my wife, who I have been with for 7 years today and with the help from one of my amazing photographer friends Ryan Orilio, I ‘quietly’ launched a new version of  www.muluprocts.com a few months ago.

I have done a few things to try to gain more publicity since the launch. I reached out to a few amazing people who blogs I love, A cup of Joe, Cupcakes and Cashmere and uncrate. I have posted pictures to a few of my favorite pin sites like Pintrest, Gentlemint and Svppy. I have set up pages on a few of my favorite social sharing sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. I have even reached out to a couple of local news organizations.

All of that effort has resulted in a lot of traffic. I am surprised by the amount of traffic actually. But not a lot of sales. I would love any feedback you have to help generate sales from all of that exposure. Is the concept clear? Is the website sufficient? Are the price points correct? Or do I just need to keep hitting the pavement? Keep an eye on your inbox for some holiday deals.  Thanks for your support!



facebook cover photo design

Believe it or not one of the most popular posts I have ever had on my site was about  default facebook profile pictures.  It continues to drive traffic to my site over a year later, so I thought I would share some design related facebook cover photos that I have been entertaining myself with recently.  Feel free to use them on your own page!

facebook cover photo architecture

facebook cover photo spelling

facebook cover photo designfacebook cover photo ubiquitous

facebook cover photo trick

and my personal favorite:

facebook cover photo latte

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