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Long time no post.  I thought I would make a brief but glorious return to share a fun iPhone wallpaper I made that takes advantage of Apples new iOS 7 colors and parallax effect.

Instructions are simple:

– If you are viewing this post on your iPhone, long tap on the image below and then hit Save Image
– To set the image as your wallpaper, go to Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness > Choose Wallpaper
– Under photos select Camera Roll and select the image you just saved
– When the Move and Scale window opens, use a pinching gesture to align the gray of the image with your screen
– Hit Set and then Set Home Screen
– Enjoy, watch out for motion sickness and let me know what you think!





My intention with this post is not to talk about how Steve Jobs changed the world, but how he has shaped my world.

Like many people my age, my earliest memories with the Apple brand include trying to avoid dysentery on the Oregon Trail. The allure of the 8-bit graphics and a game that asked you to make life and death decisions for your family and oxen kept me captivated for hours.

In Elementary school I was first inspired to draw in MacPaint on the original Mackintosh. In Junior High I fondly remember spending hours drawing 3D nuts and bolts on a Color Mac. In High School I learned how to extend the limits of my own hand in Photoshop on a Power Mac. I went through an experimental phase in college with a PC, but purchased my first PowerBook soon after graduation and proudly launched this blog from my new MacBook Pro.

From the iPod, Mini, Nano, iTouch and now my iPhone, which has changed the way I interact with the world around me, I have owned them all. And for as much as I have utilized the technology, I have salivated over every piece of packaging and branding from the company that first inspired me to ‘Think Different’.

Apple products for me have always been more than just a tool to express my creativity but the inspiration for that creativity itself. The glass cube on 5th Ave captivates my imagination as much now as a designer as the Apple IIe did as a child. I will be forever grateful for Apple’s influence on my life and will, with the rest of the world, miss the creative genius behind it.

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