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For the last two years I have had some fun making our Christmas cards.  You can see a post about the card we sent in 2011 here.  Last year I designed the card above which was trying to make (what I thought was) a not so subtle nod to the Presidential election.

Earlier this month someone from Louisiana purchased 170 of these!  In addition to being honored and slightly worried that I was contributing to Christmas Creep I was also struck by the thought of 170 people getting something in the mail I designed this year.

That got me thinking about what I do for a living, not about the goofy things I post here, but the fact that I get to do this thousands of times a day, even millions of times a year (Macy’s Fun Facts… yes they call them fun facts too).  I love what I do for a lot of reasons, but reason number one, when I stop to think about it, will always be the small role I get to play in other people’s lives.

So thank you, Jennifer from Baton Rouge, for reminding me! I hope your family and friends enjoy the cards!




facebook cover photo design

Believe it or not one of the most popular posts I have ever had on my site was about  default facebook profile pictures.  It continues to drive traffic to my site over a year later, so I thought I would share some design related facebook cover photos that I have been entertaining myself with recently.  Feel free to use them on your own page!

facebook cover photo architecture

facebook cover photo spelling

facebook cover photo designfacebook cover photo ubiquitous

facebook cover photo trick

and my personal favorite:

facebook cover photo latte



To my surprise Because of my awesome design skillz I actually sold a handful of the Christmas cards I posted on Zazzle this year.  Due to their success I just posted a Valentine’s Day card in hopes that it will generate some business for my mulu line of products.

Thanks to the sharp-tongued-wit of my friend Alison and the encouragement of her always-entrepreneurial-minded husband Philippe, they gave me the phrase: ‘You are the munch in my butt.’

You can purchase a copy of the Valentine’s Day Card here!

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